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Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Olive Wood

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Hopper cover, Burr: Ceramic

Hopper: Polypropylene

O-ring: Silicone

Washer, Cover for Shaft, Pin, Grind adjustment nut: Nylon

Shaft, Spring, Handle, Cover, Locking screw: Stainless Steel

Body, Handle grip: Olive wood


Size: W167 x D85 x H215 mm

Capacity: Coffee grounds 30g


Ceramic and olive wood coffee mill

This coffee mill features a combination ceramic hopper and olive wood container, highlighting a balance between nature and design.



  • A coffee mill made of ceramic and olive wood that fit perfectly into your grip.
  • Simply turning the grind adjustment nut enables you to control the coarseness of the grind.
  • The ceramic mill burr has no metallic odor and can be detached and washed.

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