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Hario V60 Uchi Mug Thermobecher

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W74xD156 φ70mm

Practical Capacity: 350ml


Stainless steel mug with a dual layer vacuum thermal insulating structure.

Adopting a lid with a drink spout, you can enjoy freshly dripped coffee without losing its heat.



  • Coffee dripper can be directly used *V60 Dripper is recommended as some drippers may not be compatible.
  • Lid comes with drink spout
  • Dual structured, making it hard for condensation to form
  • Vacuum thermal insulating structure maintains the heat/cold
  • Effect of heat retention: Above 73℃ (1 hour from 95℃)
  • Effect of cold retention: Below 7℃ (1 hour from 4℃)
  • Due to the vacuum thermal insulating structure, the dripped coffee can be enjoyed while still hot. 



Body: Stainless steel

Lid: Polypropylene

Sealant: Silicone rubber



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