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What’s with the Elephant and Why DECOROSO?


You might think that we are in the design business or something with decorating the house… well, not quite, so let’s go find out!


Decoroso is (I know you know) an Italian and a Spanish word and the direct translation to English would be “decorous”.


Decorous /ˈdɛk(ə)rəs/ has a definition of “in keeping with good taste and propriety; polite and restrained”.


Synonyms to decorous are proper, decent, tasteful, in good taste, polite, well mannered, well bred, respectable, civilized, modest, gentlemanly, ladylike.


Why do we link Decoroso to Elephant?

Not only because the elephant is a National animal of Thailand but because of its characteristics and behaviors as well. Elephants are known for their strength and intelligence yet they are very modest and well mannered. Each elephant has a distinctive personality. Moreover, they are super cute and you can teach them to do everything. They brighten up your day every time you see them. 


Decoroso and Elephants share a lot with our coffee philosophy. Each coffee beans have their own personalities, you need to understand them in order to treat them righteously. 


To us, Decoroso Coffee represents the charming we put into our coffee journey, from sourcing the right beans, taking care of them during roasting, putting them up to the shelves so they can be ready to see you and we hope that when you bring “Decoroso Coffee” home, it will brighten up your house and make you feel renew every day from every sip of our coffee. 


As we always say… “The Taste Of A New Day”.

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29.06.2017 09:15
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