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The French is in Town


When we moved to Schnelsen, Hamburg earlier this year, one of the people who made us feel very welcoming was this French guy, Axel Taris of the Maison Taris “Der Franzose” Wine Shop. 



Our beach flags in Schnelsen.



We saw his shop in our neighborhood and thought that we’d join one of his Wine seminars because we thought it’s very interesting and, frankly speaking, who doesn’t love to taste wine! ;)


We signed up for the seminar and since then we became good friends. Our products are available at his shop and the selling is extremely good, well, he’s the best salesperson in town.



Bernd & Axel at the Maison Taris.


And when he asked us to join him celebrating his 5th year anniversary with him on 29th-30th September, we said “yes” right away. 



French decoration at the 5th Anniversary Celebration.


To celebrate his special day, we provide free espresso for his customers and together with Axel, we created a special drink and we call it “Der Franzose” (The French), it’s a cold brew coffee mix with Armagnac. 



Decoroso table, ready for the celebration. 


We had so much fun celebrating and in the meantime, getting to know a lot of people as usual. 


We are looking forward to celebrating his 6th year anniversary as well! :)



Inside the wine shop.


Link to “Der Franzose” Wein Shop

04.10.2017 07:15
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