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Meet our Logistics Partner, The Elbe Werkstätten!


When we planned our website to support e-commerce system, one thing we had to consider was, who will be doing the logistics/fulfillment tasks for us. Based on our past experiences working with many Logistics Providers, and were once the service provider ourselves, one of the partners we encountered with was the Elbe Werkstäten GmbH (Elbe Workshop). 




The Elbe workshops are responsible for providing jobs for around 3,200 people with disabilities. This makes them the largest of the German workshops and one of the 15 largest employers in Hamburg. At more than 50 locations in the entire Hamburg area - including more than 30 external work groups in companies in the general employment market and around 200 individual jobs locally in regional companies - the Elbe workshops offer people with disabilities benefits for vocational training and work, individual professional and educational support as well as nursing assistance. 




The vocational training area of Elbe-Werkstätten qualifies people with disabilities precisely; The aim is the integration into the professional life. The focus is on developing professional skills and strengthening the personality. 




We talked to them when we started planning our e-commerce system to find out that they are also planning to develop a fulfillment team as well. What a coincident! 


We are proud to say that we are one of the pioneer customers of the Elbe Workshop for order fulfillment and we love to grow bigger and stronger with them. 


Here are the current services that Elbe provides to Decoroso;

  • Warehouse Management
  • Order Fulfilment
  • Reverse Logistics



We have other plans together in the near future as well. So keep checking out our blog or subscribe to our mailing list so you won’t miss a thing!


Further information: Elbe Werkstätten

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