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Decoroso in Bülach : Part 2


And the day has arrived, we left early in the morning of 17th August, around 4 am, from Hamburg to make sure that we arrive the border not so late. It took us 10 hours until we reach the German-Swiss border, we were very positive with all our documents that things should go well and we should be able to drive away within an hour.


We approach the German Customs officers and told him what we need to do and show them all the documents we prepared. He looked a bit puzzled though and ask us again what we want to do, “we want to bring our coffee to a Thai Event in Bülach”. He asked us how many kgs we bring. “over 80 kgs”, we said. He paused for a few seconds and said, you need to get a freight forwarder do process for you, we don’t do it here. 


…..The “sh” word came into our minds but then we need to move on, we asked if they can recommend someone, he said, just go out of this building and there are plenty of freight forwarders around, any of them will do.


We packed our documents and then picked one that just across the street, we told them what we want and they said, “we don’t do this kind of service”…O..kay…, can you recommend someone?, we asked. “Try the building next to us, they might be able to do that for you.” At this point, we start sweating (yeah, it’s summer in Germany but that’s not why we sweat).


We approached the second FF (freight forwarder) and explained to them again what we want. The guy went to his boss and she said “Oh, we don’t do this, it’s too complicated for us, actually, I don’t think anyone will do”. SH word came to our minds again (and bigger this time). We drove 10 hours, prepared everything for 3 weeks and now we have to drive back home and unable to sell our products?!!?


She finally said, “but try asking this company next door, they might do.” Yeah, right… they might…our hope reduced significantly but we tried anyway… 


Same conversation plot, same answer… “It’s too complicated, but I can check with my colleague from other company, he’s specialised in something like this, I’ll call him for you.” So he called the guy and send us there to Mr. Moor from M Sped…


We walked to the given direction and saw a small office of M Sped, Mr. Moor was sitting there and very busy. When we arrived, there are a few customers before us, and the queue after us starting to get longer. 

When he finished with customers before us, he asked us again what we want to do and we explained to him. He had that “trouble look” on his face, it’s not easy, do you have this and that? He asked to see documents and we gave everything to him. He took the file and get the customer after us to come in. We started to sweat again, maybe he also doesn’t do this and we have to finally go home now?


But to our surprise, he said he will do this for us and he told all the other customers after us that he couldn’t work for them today anymore, our case is too complicated (sorry guys). It took us almost 2 hours until we can provide all the documents for the Customs (German & Swiss) and eventually Mr. Moor went with us to the customs officers, everything went so well and Mr. Moor was very helpful. At that point, he’s our lucky charm and we could have kissed him for doing this for us! :D


Finally, right after 5 pm we were cleared to leave the border, everything went well eventually and we were arrived at the event area around 6 pm and started to set up our booth.


The event was held during 18th - 20th August and it was a blast of fun for us. It worth all the hassle we faced for the past 3 weeks and all the customs challenges we had. At the end of the day, we were so proud of what we achieve and the fact that we didn’t give up on our goal and proceed through. 


Thank you Swiss people who visited us at the event and all the encouragement and great feedbacks we received. We promise to continue doing what we do and bring the best coffee to the world!


Until then, enjoy the taste of a new day! :)



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