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Decoroso in Bülach : Part 1


It all started with a little hint from one of our biggest sponsors, Thai Trade team in Frankfurt… We learned that there will be a Thai Event in Bülach 3 weeks before the actual event. During our road trip to Bad Homburg (read more about our Bad Homburg blog here), we contacted the organiser just to find out that the booths are already fully booked but because P’Tom (in Thailand, we call everyone who’s older than us or when we want to give respect to them, P’) is so nice and because we have the premium coffee products from Thailand which was not yet available in the event (or at all), he helped getting us in. 


Sound easy? Not quite… 


We couldn’t  confirm our attendance right away as we needed to check with our tax advisor first whether we are allowed to do some “business transactions” in the Switzerland or not. Who would think that it would be complicated since Germany & Switzerland are soooo close to each other, and most of the people speak the same language! (Or so I thought…). After a few phone calls, the tax advisor called us back and told us that it should not be a problem, he checked with German Customs Office already, we only need to register our products and items that we want to bring along, record our income during the event and we are good to go! Hooray! That sounds promising! :) 


Even though we don't seem to have a problem with the Germany but we still need to check with the Swiss side. So we started calling them… The Swiss Customs Team said that to bring the coffee products from Germany into Switzerland should not be a problem, but you better check with Bülach City Police for permission and further info. So we call Bülach City Police (on a Friday evening) and of course, no one picked up the phone, however, we get the email address that we can send email to them for further information. Because we were busy with the Bad Homburg event, we didn't send out email until Monday morning. And the Bülach City Police was very fast in response we got the information we need already in the afternoon. Long story short, as a German company we are allowed to work in the Switzerland up to 90 days but we need to register ourselves prior to the event to get the temporary working pass. Should not be a problem then, so we thought… we can just do the application online and ready to go.


During that 3 weeks, we also need to get our advertising materials done (well, we were just “gone-live” the week we found out about the event), ordering the bio-cups so we can offer our customers drinks that they want, get our coffee roasted and packed on time, etc, etc…


Then we called the Swiss Customs just to find out that we actually need a permit to import in the case that we want to bring more than 20 kg of coffee into the Switzerland (of course we need more than 20 kg for the event)! We were told to contact the réservesuisse genossenschaft, the food provisioner for Switzerland, to see whether we will get a one time permit or not (at that point, we were not sure and so ready to unpack our stuff for Bülach already)… but to our surprise, the nice lady from the réservesuisse genossenschaft told us to just send her email and she will grant the permit a day after that, and she did! We got the permit in less than a week before the event.


So we are ready for Switzerland! 


Or so we thought…………


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28.08.2017 09:15
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