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Decoroso Coffee at the 4th Thai Fest in Kiel


There was the 4th Thai Fest held at the Community Centre of Kronshagen, Kiel, on Saturday 16th September 2017. The Fest was organized to celebrate Thailand’s culture. There were Thai Cooking Course, Thai Massage Competition, Fruits Sculpture Competition and Thai Papaya Salad Competition. 




Part of Fruits Sculpture Competition



Attendees from the Thai Cooking Class



People visiting Decoroso Coffee Booth



Decoroso Coffee was there to promote the Premium Coffee roasted using Thai Arabica coffee beans and the feedback we received was very valuable to us and we had so much fun, made a lot of new friends & fans. The people in Kiel, both Thai and German, are very friendly and we love to come back to see them again. 


Our sincere thank you to Khun Kingphet Boonyong, the celebrity journalist from Thailand, who organized this Fest. The Fest was very well organized and very successful. We will definitely come back next year! :)


18.09.2017 09:00
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