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Basic Espresso Recipe


Espresso is a shot of coffee (approximately 30 ml.) brewed by forcing hot water (92-96 degree Celsius) through finely ground roasted coffee. We normally prepare espresso using espresso machine or barista coffee machine. 


Espresso is also a base ingredient for most of the popular coffee drinks i.e. Cappuccino, Café Latte, Latte Macchiato, Americano… you name it. But drinking pure is also popular as it has more caffeine per unit volume than other coffee beverages and much smaller serving size, so if you want a caffeine boost in a short period of time, espresso is your drink. :) 






Basic Espresso


What you’ll need;

  1. Freshly fine ground coffee - feels like when you’re touching fine salt
  2. Water - preferably filtered 
  3. Espresso machine
  4. Scale


How to prepare espresso with Espresso Machine;

  1. Fill water into your coffee machine.
  2. Preheat your machine and make sure that it heats up well (depending on your machine this could take 20 - 50 minutes).
  3. Heat up portafilter with running hot water from the machine and wipe dry.
  4. Grind: use your coffee grinder to grind your coffee beans.
  5. Dose: Fill up the portafilter with ground coffee. Normally you’ll need 7-9 g ground coffee per 1 shot of espresso. If you use 2 spouts for a double shot then you need to double the size of the ground coffee you put in.
  6. Tamp: use the tamper to tamp the ground coffee in portafilter
  7. Put portafilter back to the grouphead and start brewing (letting the water pass through the portafilter. 
  8. We normally finish the brew at 25-30 seconds and aim for the espresso yield of 30x35 ml. 






Enjoy the taste of a new day! ❤️☀️

08.08.2017 08:00
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